5 Best Sites for Cheap Airfares

Now that you have your visa approved, the next step is to make travel arrangements. When booking airfares, always search online for competitive flight tickets. To help you with that we came up with 5 best sites for airfare deals, check these out:

Google Flights

Google Flights
Google Flights is a powerful search tool for finding the cheapest flights. You can choose your flight from a simple list of results, explore destinations on an interactive map; it has extremely impressive, user friendly interface. It offers filtering tools to match your preferences like non-stop, duration, and price. Just in no time Google’s new powerful flight booking tool became the first destination for finding flights tickets to many people. Why not you try it?


PricelinePriceline is a must go site when searching for flight tickets. It is very reliable and has top notch customer service. Priceline’s most remarkable feature is the Name Your Own Price feature for booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. This tools lets you place a bid of your ideal price for reservations. Priceline is a pleasure to deal with and it is indeed at the top end of the scale.


OrbitzOrbitz has been serving as one of the trustworthy sites to find low fares. It is a convenient hug for finding cheap fares and often better than anything you would have booked in your price range. They don’t have the best deal always but when they do have one you can’t beat it, the rates were too good to be true.


KayakKayak helps simplify the flight search process to find the cheapest deals from hundreds of travel sites at once. Kayak smartly filters the search results and pulls out the most lower fares. It is definitely worth to visit before you book tickets.


ExpediaExpedia is one other great tool to find cheap airfares. Expedia search features are extremely easy to use and filters the best deals for flights based on your preferences. The booking is effortless and the fares are affordable on Expedia. It certainly deserves to one of your go to flight booking websites.

Important Tips:
Try to avoid holiday dates for cheap airfares
Flying around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will set you back more. Virtually all flights gets really, really full. If possible avoid these days to get a lower fares

If it’s possible, fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
These tend to be the cheapest days to fly in the US because those are the airlines less popular days with consumers. Most expensive days are usually Fridays and Sundays

Don’t wait until the last minute to book
The best time to book flights is sooner than later, delaying flight tickets until the last minute is quite expensive

Shop, Shop, Shop around!
The more sites you explore, the better chances to get a cheaper airfare


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