5 Key Things To Remember While Studying MS in US

The decision to leave your country and continue studies in the United States can be a difficult one to make. But once you have come to terms, the journey you have ahead of you will seem like the most exciting one. And indeed it will be.

Studying MS in US will be a unique experience where you will have the opportunity to get to know several minds and avail numerous opportunities. Here are five things to keep in mind as you begin your affiliation with your university for your Master’s degree:

1. The First Semester Will be the Hardest

When you start your studies at your selected university, the first few days may be spent trying to adjust to classes and the culture of this new country. As time passes and you may find yourself under a significant workload, you may feel like you cannot cope with the pressure this tough course has brought with it.

But at that time, you must know that it will only seem difficult in the beginning. Adjusting to a new environment, course of study and on campus job can be overwhelming. Just be aware that feeling this way is quite normal and you will get used to it as time passes.


Join a study group or surround yourself with friends so you do not feel alone and you can share the burden of your studies.

2. Extra-Curricular Activities are Important
Along with academics, you will be surprised to find how important extracurricular activities are in American universities. Whether it be sports, clubs, events, trips or any other activity that is offered by the university, joining them will only bring you benefit.

Such activities are a great way to make friends in a new institution. You can get to know other people who have the same interests as you. Moreover, extra curricula also allow students to learn new skills and gain experience in new things.


Make sure you only bite off so much that you can chew. These activities require dedication and commitment so make sure you do not overwhelm yourself.

3. On Campus Jobs

Most universities offer students to take up jobs that require them to work on campus as academic assistants, or helpers. This is actually a great way to get to know your campus, professors and other students and it is highly recommended that you take up an on campus job.

In addition to being paid for it, you will also be able to remain in close proximity with your field of interest if you choose accordingly. Professors appreciate students who are enthusiastic about their subject and use this opportunity as a means to learn more.


Try to secure a job that is related to your area of specialization.

4. Academic Advisors and Professors
Your teachers are the ones providing you with the knowledge you need to succeed in your field. Some of your professors will end up being huge influences and mentors for you by the end of your course. Which is why it is necessary that you always treat them with respect and form a meaningful academic relationship with them. Doing so can help to provide you with guidance in your future endeavors reference letters and recommendations for you as they will be the best judges of your abilities.


Academic advisers are available at all universities and can help you get through any difficulty you are facing in any of your classes or make a decision regarding your academics.

5. Academics comes First

 No matter what activities you decide to take up, you should always remember that academics take the first priority. You should never compromise your studies for extra curricula or any other activity that does not ultimately benefit you in the process of completing your Master’s with flying colors.


Make use of all the resources present on and off campus- libraries, internet cafes, study groups- and ensure your academic performance to be top notch as it is the reason you have travelled all the way to the United States in the first place.


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