6 Practical Tips to Speak Fluent American English

Learning American English as a second language can be an understandably tough job – you haven’t been exposed to its connotations, slangs, grammar, and vocabulary before. However these 6 practical tips helps you speak fluent american english and strike up conversations with its native speakers:

Get spontaneous with your English

Nothing can get you prepared for real conversations like learning the ability to put your thoughts into words without any strings attached. You can do so by randomly bursting into bouts of American English by yourself, while at home or at work. This will ensure that you get the right amount of confidence in your ability to formulate sentences on everyday topics.

Listen more than you read

This is a rookie mistake that most new language-learners make; they focus too much on the written aspect of the language. They will read several books but will not invest time in listening to native speakers. Remember that hearing is half of the conversation. If you can’t decipher what the other person is saying, how can you respond to them? Therefore get yourself an audiobook or two or watch Hollywood movies and TV shows without subtitles.

Practice your English with native speakers

Do you have American friends? Great, you can chat with them online and polish your American English skills. After all, there is nothing better than conversing with a native speaker while you are learning a new language. However, if you don’t have any friends yet, whose native language is English, you can visit one of the countless language sharing websites on the internet and practice anonymously. WeSpeke and HelloLingo are two of the main websites offering such services.

Learn everyday phrases and slang

Many new learners get lost in the intricacies of informal American English which can be quite difficult from the language you have come to expect while reading books. To stay up to date on the latest phrases and slang watch recent American TV shows, preferably those characterized as comedy. They are the best places to get attuned to the American English you are going to hear on the streets! Also, you can visit sites like PhraseMix that teaches you exact phrases to say in a realistic, real-world situations.

Speak slowly

Many people have this misconception that if they don’t speak a language fast enough, they cannot be characterized as fluent speakers of that language. This is wrong! You should try and speak slowly as this gives you more time to engineer your sentences appropriately while giving the other person more chances to understand you better.

Keep a language notepad with you

Whenever you hear a new English word or phrase, whether in conversation or while reading a book, jot it down in a notepad. You can then look it up later in the dictionary or on a website when you have the time. This simple hack can greatly accelerate the pace with which you acquire new vocabulary. This is in the wake of a scientific fact that writing something down can help you remember it way better than just memorizing it while listening/reading it.

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