H1B Interview Questions and Answers

Extremely Helpful H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers

 We want to help you with possible H1B visa interview questions you may encounter. Let’s get started!

Q: Good morning. How are you doing today?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Good morning. I am doing pretty good, how are you?)

Q: Can I see your Labor Condition Application (LCA)? / Can I see your H1B approval document (I-797)? / Can I see your Non-immigration petition application (I-129)?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can I see your passport?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you have any old passports?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: What is your qualification? / What was your major?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Master’s in Computer Science)

Q: Did you graduate from US?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Yes! I graduated from ABC university based in XXX (City, State))

Q: Can I see your degree diploma?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Since how long you have been in the US?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I have been there for X years)

Q: Where do you currently live in the US?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I live in City, State)

Q: Do you have plans to come back to India?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Yes! This is a just a temporary assignment for about 3 years, I will be coming back to India once the project is done.)

Employer Questions
Q: Who is your employer?
A:Answer appropriately

Q: Since how long you have been working for this employer?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I have been working for X years)

Q: Can I see an offer letter?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: What kind of projects does your employer works on?
A: Answer appropriately (Check your employer website)

Q: Do you know the clients they work for?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: How many employees are working for your employer?
A:  Answer appropriately (example: There are currently about X employees)

Q: What is the annual turnover?
A: Answer appropriately (Check with your employer)

Q: What is your salary?
A:  Answer appropriately 

Q: Do you have any employer documents?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: How do you come across this employer?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I have applied for their online listed position that exactly fits my skills)

Q: Have you verified if this is a credible company?
A:  Answer appropriately (example: Yes! I checked the track record of this company; it is well established company from the past XX years. They have applied Hundreds of H1s to their employees.)

Q: Since how you long does this company have been operating?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: What are the qualifications for the job?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Who is the CEO for the company?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can I see your pay stubs from your current employer?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you have W2 form from this employer?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can you show me your bank statements?
A: Answer appropriately

Client Questions
Q: Who is the client you are working for? / What do they do?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I am currently working for XYZ based out in XXX (City, State) / Explain about the client)

Q: Are you working on-site at the client location?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Yes! I work at the client location.)

Q: Where is the client located?
A: Answer appropriately (example: It is based out in XXX (City, State))

Q: Since how long you been working with this client?
A:  Answer appropriately (example: I have been working for X years/months)

Q: What is your role and responsibilities?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I work as a System Analyst / I am involved in designing, developing, testing applications)

Q: Who do you report to?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I report to my supervisor (Tell the name and if possible also provide your supervisor’s business card)

Q: Do you have the client letter?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you any vendors/layers in between?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can you show me the vendor letter?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you have photographs of the client location where you are working?
A: Answer appropriately (Try to carry company location photos (Building, logo, lobby, cubical etc) and also we recommend you to carry copies of the companies website’s screenshots.)

Q: What made you to choose to work in USA?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Having global exposure tremendously helps to broaden my skills and enhances my ability to work across cultures. So I believe this opportunity will definitely helps to advance my career.)



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