H1B Interview Questions and Answers

Extremely Helpful H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers

What is arguably the most challenging part of the entire visa application and approval process is the visa interview. For many people, it is intimidating and difficult as it decides whether or not you will be able to get approval to go. That is why it is essential to be prepared for the questions that the visa officer may potentially ask you.

There are certain questions that are almost always or most of the time asked by visa officers to applicants when giving the interview for an H1B visa. It is important to not be caught off guard and be prepared for the questions that you might be asked. As such, here we have a possible questions that may be asked during the H1B visa interview along with some invaluable tips and sample answers so you can prepare yourself to come up with your own unique answers.

Q: Good morning. How are you doing today?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Good morning. I am doing pretty good, how are you?)

Q: Can I see your Labor Condition Application (LCA)? / Can I see your H1B approval document (I-797)? / Can I see your Non-immigration petition application (I-129)?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can I see your passport?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you have any old passports?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: What is your qualification? / What was your major?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Master’s in Computer Science)

Q: Did you graduate from US?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Yes! I graduated from ABC university based in XXX (City, State))

Q: Can I see your degree diploma?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Since how long you have been in the US?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I have been there for X years)

Q: Where do you currently live in the US?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I live in City, State)

Q: Do you have plans to come back to India?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Yes! This is a just a temporary assignment for about 3 years, I will be coming back to India once the project is done.)

Employer Questions
Q: Who is your employer?
A:Answer appropriately

Q: Since how long you have been working for this employer?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I have been working for X years)

Q: Can I see an offer letter?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: What kind of projects does your employer works on?
A: Answer appropriately (Check your employer website)

Q: Do you know the clients they work for?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: How many employees are working for your employer?
A:  Answer appropriately (example: There are currently about X employees)

Q: What is the annual turnover?
A: Answer appropriately (Check with your employer)

Q: What is your salary?
A:  Answer appropriately 

Q: Do you have any employer documents?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: How do you come across this employer?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I have applied for their online listed position that exactly fits my skills)

Q: Have you verified if this is a credible company?
A:  Answer appropriately (example: Yes! I checked the track record of this company; it is well established company from the past XX years. They have applied Hundreds of H1s to their employees.)

Q: Since how you long does this company have been operating?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: What are the qualifications for the job?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Who is the CEO for the company?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can I see your pay stubs from your current employer?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you have W2 form from this employer?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can you show me your bank statements?
A: Answer appropriately

Client Questions
Q: Who is the client you are working for? / What do they do?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I am currently working for XYZ based out in XXX (City, State) / Explain about the client)

Q: Are you working on-site at the client location?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Yes! I work at the client location.)

Q: Where is the client located?
A: Answer appropriately (example: It is based out in XXX (City, State))

Q: Since how long you been working with this client?
A:  Answer appropriately (example: I have been working for X years/months)

Q: What is your role and responsibilities?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I work as a System Analyst / I am involved in designing, developing, testing applications)

Q: Who do you report to?
A: Answer appropriately (example: I report to my supervisor (Tell the name and if possible also provide your supervisor’s business card)

Q: Do you have the client letter?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you any vendors/layers in between?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Can you show me the vendor letter?
A: Answer appropriately

Q: Do you have photographs of the client location where you are working?
A: Answer appropriately (Try to carry company location photos (Building, logo, lobby, cubical etc) and also we recommend you to carry copies of the companies website’s screenshots.)

Q: What made you to choose to work in USA?
A: Answer appropriately (example: Having global exposure tremendously helps to broaden my skills and enhances my ability to work across cultures. So I believe this opportunity will definitely helps to advance my career.)



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