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Entrepreneur needs to dream big. However, having a dream doesn’t just enough; it’s lot more than that. It starts from your dreams, after that is the plans you come up with make your dreams come true! Entrepreneurs with great potential stand out by having strong desire, smart ideas and a clear business plan. Here are the list of Entrepreneur classes from some of the World’s great entrepreneurs that teach us what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur – Drew Houston (Dropbox Founder, CEO),Stanford University – Visit Course
Do You Need to be Steve Jobs? – Adam Lashinsky (Author), Stanford University – Visit Course
A Playlist for Entrepreneurs – Daniel Ek (Spotify Founder, CEO), Chi-Hua Chien, Stanford University – Visit Course
Entrepreneurs Take Intelligent Risks – Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Founder), Stanford University – Visit Course
Great Entrepreneurs Go Out and Do – Brad Feld (TechStars Co-Founder), Stanford University – Visit Course 
Reasons Not to be an Entrepreneur – Phil Libin (Evernote CEO), Stanford University – Visit Course
Entrepreneurs Will Create the Future – Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Founder), Stanford University – Visit Course
Honest Advice on Starting a Company – Mark Suster (Serial Entrepreneur), Stanford University – Visit Course
Panel of Young Entrepreneurs – Stanford University – Visit Course
Customer Focus Builds Global Growth – Diego Piacentini (Amazon Senior VP), Stanford University – Visit Course
Solving Problems Makes a Great Business  – Chi-Hua Chien (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers), Dan Rosensweig (Chegg CEO), Stanford University – Visit Course
 Sharing a Measure of Success – Jonathan Boutelle, Rashmi Sinha (SlideShare Founders), Stanford – Visit Course
Inside the Mind of a Reluctant Entrepreneur – Jeff Hawkins (Inventor Palm Pilot), Stanford – Visit Course
A Pandora’s Box of Start-up Expertise – Tom Conrad (Pandora CTO), Stanford University – Visit Course 
Top 10 Things You Must Have to Start a Business – Frank Levinson (Finisar Corporation Co-Founder), Stanford University – Visit Course



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