H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers (Candidate outside US)

We want to help you with sample H1B visa interview questions you may encounter and effective ways you could answer. Let’s get started!
Q: Good morning. How are you doing today?
A: Good morning. I am doing pretty good, how are you?
Q: On what purpose are you going to the States?
A: I got a job offer from ABC company based in XXX (City, State).
Q: What made you to choose to work in USA?
A: Having global exposure tremendously helps to broaden my skills and enhances my ability to work across cultures. So I believe this opportunity will definitely helps to advance my career.
Q: Do you have any plans to come back to India?
A: Yes! This is a just a temporary assignment for about 3 years, I will be coming back to India once the project is done.
Q: Why would you want to come back?
A:  I would need to take care of my elderly parents and also would need to look after my properties.
Q: What will be your plans after coming back to India?
A: I will continue to work in the software field while taking care of my parents and properties.
Q: Have you ever been to the U.S.?
A: No This will be my first time.
Q: Have you ever applied to any US visa before?
A: No, this is my first time
Q: Do you have family in USA?
A: No. I do not have any family members
Q: Do you have any friends in USA?
A: Yes! I have couple friends who work in the same field
Q: Did you ever traveled any other country?
A: No. I have never traveled outside India before.
Q: How will you survive your first month in the States before your first paycheck?
A: My employer is taking care of the accommodation and food for the first month and also have my own emergency fund.
Q: What are your qualifications?
A: Answer appropriately (eg: Bachelor’s in Computer Science)
Q: Can I see your Bachelor’s diploma?
A: Sure! (Show your diploma)
Q: When and from which university did you graduate?
A: I graduated in XXXX(year) from XXX university
Sponsoring Employer
Q: Can I see the offer letter?
A: Sure (Give the officer your employment offer letter)
Q: What do you know about this company?
A: Know about your sponsoring company (Visit their website)
Q: How do you come across this company?
A: You can answer this in several different ways, for example: I attended a career fair here in Hyderabad earlier this year and they have requirement that exactly fits my skills set.
Q: Have you verified if this is a credible company?
Yes! I checked the track record of this company; it is well established company from the past XX years. They have applied Hundreds of H1s to their employees.
Q: How did you check track record of your  sponsoring employer?
A: Through myvisajobs.com, this website lists all the H1B filings from the past years of any company in the US.
Q: How many employees are currently working for your sponsoring employer?
A: There are currently X employees
Q: Who is the CEO for this company?
A: Name the CEO of the company
Q: Since how you long does this company have been operating?
A: From the past X years, started in XXXX year.
Q: What is their annual turnover?
A: Check with your employer
Q: Can I see the tax documents?
A: Definitely! (Hand the documents)
Q: How much they promised to pay you?
A: $xxxxxx a year
Q: Did you bear the H1 expenses?
A: No! My employer took care of all the H1 expenses
Q: Do you have photographs of the sponsoring company?
A: Try to carry company location photos (Building, logo, lobby, etc) and also we recommend you to carry copies of the companies website’s screenshots.
Q: Who is the Client that you will be working for?
A: It’s XXX company
Q: Are you going to work on-site at the client’s location?
A: Yes!
Q: Where is the client located?
A: It based out in XXX (City, State)
Q: Do you have photographs of the client?
A: Try to carry client location photos (Building, logo, lobby, etc)
Q: What do you know about this place?
A: You can say something along these lines….I heard Houston weather is very much similar to Indian weather. So that definitely helps me to get adjusted to it pretty quickly.
Q: What will be your job responsibilities?
A: Answer accordingly that supports your background. eg: I will be involving in Designing and developing of UI, User Controls, and Client-Server Side Validation Controls using C# and ASP.Net.
Q: What is your role?
A: I will be working as a System Analyst
Q: Since how long you have been working in IT field?
A: I have been working in this field for over X years.
Q: How did they hire you? Any interviews conducted?
A: Yes! I had 3 rounds of interviews, 2 of which were technical rounds and the last one was HR round.
Q: Who conducted the interview? Do you happen to remember their names?
A: First 2 rounds were conducted by 2 Technical developers and a supervisor. 
Q: Can you briefly describe about the project you are assigned?
A: Answer appropriately! For example: Design and Develops integrated web applications for many different clients especially in the field of oil and gas, healthcare and public sector.
Q: Do you have the project documents?
A: Sure! (Provide the project documents to the officer)
 Current Employer
Q: Who is your currently employer?
A: I am currently working for ABC company.
Q: What is your role and responsibilities?
A: I work as a System Analyst. I design, develop, and test applications for the clients (Answer appropriately)
Q: Since how long you have been working for this company?
A: I have been working here for X years
Q: How much is your salary?
A: Answer appropriately
Q: How big is this company? (Number of employees)
A: It has about XXX employees
Q: Well, your current employers sounds strongly established, why do you want to leave?
A: In this highly competitive world, having global exposure is important in advancing my career and it also, enhances my ability to work with different cultures.
Q: Can I see the pay stubs from your current employer?
A: Sure! (Pass your pay stubs)
Q: Do you have experience letters?
A: Yes! (Hand the officer your experience letters)


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