How to Answer Top 3 Most Important F1 Visa Interview Questions?

Once you have been accepted in a US university, the only hurdle that stands in your way is getting an F1 visa. For students looking to pursue higher studies in the US, the F1 or student visa is issued for the length of their academic endeavor.

F1 visa interview questions are on personal level, educational background, financial stability, work experience as the visa officer needs to make sure your intentions are clear and you are eligible to travel to the States and live there for the duration of your studies. So you must be prepared to answer everything and anything they ask you during the visa interview. Let’s look at the top 3 most asked and important questions in an F1 visa interview:

  1. Why study in USA?
  2. Why did you choose this university?
  3. What are your plans after graduation? 

Let’s look at each question in detail. We have also provided some tips and sample answers to help you construct your own unique answers.

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1. Why Study in the US? 

This is the most commonly asked question. And surprisingly, most students fail to convince the visa officer with their answer to this query as they babble about unnecessary things and do not give the officer what he expects. So what is the visa officer actually looking for in your answer? A couple of things.

The first thing a visa officer might notice about you that will set him off is if you have memorized the answer to this question. Your answer must come about naturally and not seem as if you do not actually mean it. You need to convince the officer that the United States is the best prospect for you and he should sense from your answer that you are passionate about it. The officer is mainly looking for a couple of solid points that justify your interest in studying in the country. 

Sample Answers:

The United States has one of the best educational systems in the world and academic experience that has been gained from a US university is greatly valued all around the globe. So pursuing my higher degree from such a well-structured education system will undoubtedly help me succeed and stand out when I step into the professional world.

Education in the States does not only rely on theoretical studies but also heavily emphasizes on practical knowledge as well. American universities have well designed programs that offer students several opportunities to develop practical skills which will be very helpful for me in the future.

By enrolling in a university in the US, I will be able to gain plenty of international exposure as a lot of people from all over the globe from different cultures come to study in the States. This will greatly add to my cultural experience and exposure and will give me a different perspective towards people, allowing me to mature as a person.

I want to study in the US as I believe I will be able to avail opportunities that I will not have a chance to make use of in my country. I plan to take advantage of the excellent research opportunities that U.S. universities provide to their students through several assistant ship programs.

Studying in the US will help me to broaden my horizons and to open my mind to new ideas and concepts regarding my field of choice. Studying in such a well-constructed system will help me to advance in my career and gain valuable experience that will help me in the professional world once I return to my country.

With the help of these sample answers and tips construct your own unique answer.


Do not memorize your response, as mentioned earlier.

Make sure you sound natural and passionate. 

Try to give a concise and specific reply that is to the point. Often visa officers do not appreciate long speeches in the reply of a single question.

If the officer does not look convinced, try giving specific details and evidence that shows that the US has the best resources in terms of your career field.

Highlight how it will also culturally enhance your higher education experience.

2. Why did You choose this University?

Out of all the universities that you will have applied to and received acceptance letters from, you will have selected one that you think works best for you. The officer now wants to know what your reason for choosing that specific university is. What the officer really wants to see is what the university provides and whether you have a solid and justifiable purpose of pursuing your studies in the institution. It will help the officer judge whether you are a student with substantial credentials and have the required qualifications to study in the US.

Sample Answers:

I have been accepted to a few other universities as well but this one appealed the most to me. It is because the courses that are offered at this university perfectly match my area of interest that is Data Analytics. Other institutes did not offer this field as a separate course, which is why this university became my top priority.

I have contacted and been in touch with several international students who have completed their Masters in Science from this university and was advised that it has the most research opportunities in my field of interest compared to other universities.

I have talked to a few of the professors that teach at the university and was pleased to find the faculty very experienced and excellent in their fields. I have also taken a liking to their widely recognized and accepted coursework in my career field and their research lab which the Professor has invited me to join.

The coursework offered at ABC university has a unique blend of management and technology which appeals to me and is complimentary to my future career goals. Such a course is not offered in the other universities I applied to which is why I chose to make this my final choice.

 The laboratories and research and design areas present on the campus of the university are famous for their distinguished facilities. I believe I will be able to perform my best with top notch practical means available to be used.

Make sure you do enough research about the university and come up with your own answer that reflects your interest in the university and passion for the field. You can use a combination of thoughts and reasons to strengthen your answer.


You can also give details about what the campus and its facilities are like.

It should be clear from your answer that the choice of university will help you to achieve your goals better in the future.

You should have some knowledge regarding the area the college is present in.

Research the university, it demonstrates to the officer your knowledge of the university and your attention to details.

You should know a few of your professors’ names.

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3. What are Your Plans after Graduation?

Many times, visa applications are rejected because the applicant seems to have no intentions to return to the home country. You need to convince officer that you have no plans to move to the USA but are only applying to go there to complete your studies and return back to your country. It is important that you prove to the visa officer that after graduation, you have ties and obligations, whether it be to your family, property or a job offer, that assure you will have to return to your home country after you are done with your studies.

Sample Answers:
 After I complete my studies, I plan to return to my home country and settle in ABC city because several technical companies are present here that offer jobs with high pay corresponding to my field of study.

I plan to return to my country and take up on a job offer I have been presented with by a family friend’s firm. I will be working as a software developer there and completing my Masters in the US will help me to greatly enhance my skills for the job.

My mother is dependent on me and lives with me in our self-owned house. She will be staying with my grandparents while I am in the States. I will be returning after graduation to support my mother and managing our property.

The job market for software developers is increasing exponentially day by day in my home country. Hence I will be returning back to my country to take advantage of several high posts that are up on offer in several organizations after I have completed my Masters in computer science.

My home country has been all I have known for the entirety of my life and after I have completed my course in XYZ university, I will be coming back home to utilize my newly developed skills for the betterment of my own country.

Construct your own unique and concrete answer that reflects that you have no plans to live and work in the US after the completion of your studies.

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Be confident when you answer. Do not seem unsure about your decision to come back home.

Use statistics showing how your field has been growing in your country and how it will benefit you to come back. 

Do some research so you are aware of certain facts and figures regarding the employment rates in your country.

Convince the officer with your enthusiasm that you are going only for studies, not to overstay. Talking about how your country’s economy is growing can be used as evidence.

It is important that the visa officer senses your enthusiasm to work in your home country. 

To summarize, do not be nervous and be confident in your answers. Always make an eye contact throughout the interview and smile often. Practice is extremely important to overcome fear during the interview. Remember, be confident, polite, enthusiastic, sincere, and smart!

Now you know what your interviewer actually requires of you when he or she asks you any of the above mentioned questions. Make sure to keep these tips in mind and you will surely end up making a good impression on the visa officer. Good luck!


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