Indian Students going to the US Soared

Indian Students Heading to the US Greatly Increased Despite Rupee’s Fall

It is known fact that the Indian rupee against the dollar fell to never-before-seen lows in almost 20 years. A weak rupee means soaring prices, shrink in jobs, slower growth, and significant burden on students studying abroad.  Despite having been in the midst of this currency crisis, we barely see any impact on the American dream. The number of F1 visa applications processed for advanced studies in the US raised by 37% in May of this year, taking a count of 2,731 – highest in recent times. It has been reported that between December 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014, the total student visa applications processed at Chennai office grew 8,000 from 5,000 in the same time frame last year. It is clear that weak rupee-dollar rate has no effect on students moving to the States for advanced studies.

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 Maximum growth is seen in students pursuing advanced studies in the fileds of systems engineering and computer science. 
A recent report states that overall prospective international  students heading to the US Graduate universities up by 7% in 2014 from 2% increase in 2013. 
India outnumbers China in graduate admission applications this year, applications from India skyrocketed by 32% from last year while China applications declined by 1% from last year. 

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Currently, Indians account for 18% of all international graduate students at US universities. In 2012/13 academic year, 96,754 students from India were attending US universities, declined by 3.5% from the prior year. It is evident that this year Indian student count heading to the US is going to significantly increase from last year. 

Total Number of Indian Students in the US

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