Indians Achievements in the USA

Indians Achievements in USA

Looking back at the history, the first wave of Indian immigrants to the US started between 1900 and 1920, most of them were Sikhs, notably worked in railroad industries along with Chinese and Japanese. Then in 70′s and 80′s, pool of IIT graduates headed to Silicon Valley (Hub for world’s largest IT corporations and thousands of small start-ups) in search for the better economic opportunity. Their courageous step to seek out for a new path made them stand out in the corporate world after their ingenious technological breakthroughs and that pushed Indians to the global IT forefront like never before. Indians well utilized this fresh wave of opportunities and showed America their incredible entrepreneurial skills by founding 13.4% of Silicon Valley’s startups and 6.5% nationwide. This was extremely significant because Indian immigrants were well less than 1% of US population at that time. Later, a huge wave of Indians immigrated to the States during 1990s and 2000s, answering the call for the opportunities in Information Technology. Today, 4 out of 10 Silicon Valley startups are run by Indians and Indians account for 45% of highly skilled foreign professionals (H1B) visas issued by the US every year. Among the other ethnic groups in the United States, Indians are better educated and the most wealthiest with about 200,000 millionaires.

Indians prominent role in shaping high-tech world is best understood through their outstanding accomplishments over the years. Following is the infographic that highlights few of the many achievements from incredible engineers and great entrepreneurs.

Indians Achievements in the US

Success doesn’t come easy, nor does it happen overnight. It needs perseverance, dedication and appropriate actions. We need to be aggressive towards our goals and should have a nerve to take risks. Everyone we have talked on the infographic went through a phase of rigorous training and finely tuned themselves to be most powerful, effective, and passionate people in their respective fields. Always remember, success will come your way when you do not settle for anything less than your best!


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