F1 Visa Interview Experience

Latest F1 Visa Interview Experience

Just couple days back, one of our USVisaTalk readers attended F1 Visa interview and he graciously shared his experience with us. Let’s dive right in!

Good Morning Sir! My name is Raj. I just wanted to share my pleasant F1 visa interview experience. Despite I encountered couple challenging questions, I was able to answer confidently and precisely. I have prepared a lot for this interview, after all, it’s my dream to study in the US. Fortunately, my interview went so well and I got through it! Thank you for posting extremely informative and highly encouraging posts! Your Tips for Successful F1 Visa interview helped me to position myself more confidently and answer effectively. Thank you!

Well, here are the list of questions I encountered and how I answered. Hope it helps your readers!

VO: How are you?
Me: I am doing pretty good sir! (Smile) How are you doing today?

VO: I am good, Thank you! What is the purpose of your travel?
Me: I will be going to pursue my Master’s in Computer Science

VO: What was your major in undergrad?
Me: My major was Computer Science

VO: Do you have any work experience?
Me: I have been working for TCS for the last 2 years

VO: How was your experience working at TCS?
Me: I love my job and it’s quite challenging. The team I work with is extremely friendly

VO: What is your role?
Me: I work as Systems Analyst

VO: Why would you like to pursue your studies in the US?
Me: What’s best about pursuing advance studies in a US university is that the qualification I earn is globally recognized. On top of that, the education system in the US has been known for its academic excellence.

VO: Can I see your experience letter?
Me: Sure sir! Here you go!

VO: Who is sponsoring your studies?
Me: I have my own funds saved up and the rest will be taking care of my parents.

VO: Can you pass those supporting documents?
Me: Definitely! Here are the bank statements

VO: What is your father?
Me: My father is a Businessman

VO: Do you have his Tax returns?
Me: Sure!

VO: Does the company you are currently working bear any of the expenses?
Me: No Sir! Myself and my parents will be taking care of all the expenses

VO: What are your plans after graduation?
Me: I will be returning back to India once after I graduate and will be working in the Software field.

VO: Does this degree help advance your career?
Me: Undoubtedly, earning an advance degree from US will definitely serve as a great asset in advancing my career and enhancing my skills

VO: You have a solid job and your family is in India, why you chose to leave everything and pursue further?
Me: In Today’s competitive world, I feel that my decision to pursue graduate studies in the US is a smart way to advance my career. While I invest some time and money into this highly valuable education, the pay offs will be well worth my time and money.

VO: Great! I approve your visa! Enjoy your time in the US!
Me: That’s a great news! Thank you Sir! Have a great day!

Certainly, Raj’s responses demonstrates how one can keep the conversation going in a professional and positive way.  He effectively described his work experience, his education qualification, and his willingness and passion to take on a new challenge. His confidence reflects his subject matter expertise and showed that this career move will further contribute towards his growth in the field. Inevitably, Raj’s intense pre-interview preparation helped him to deliver more focused answers.

Enthusiasm is extremely key for a successful visa interview, make sure you have a confident smile while you interact. It is very important that you have good command over language, make sure to speak more slowly than you would normally. Always make an eye contact throughout the interview. Don’t let fear stand in your way. Pre-interview practice is extremely important to overcome nervousness during the interview. Remember, be confident, polite, enthusiastic, sincere, and smart! Good luck!

Please feel free to share your Visa interview experience with us! We appreciate it SO much!


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