The following is the list of universities that are among the top 100 in the US. To get admitted into these universities, one needs an average GRE Score and descent academics. Overall student profile has to be good.
Most of the American Universities require GRE for graduate admissions. However, GRE score is not the only part of the admission process, and therefore it is advised that one cannot apply to US university based on just the GRE score. To put this in perspective, a student with a 304 GRE score may get an admission into a university with 315-320 score bracket. While, a student with 325 may not get admission into the same university – This depends on several factors including student’s undergrad GPA, achievements, supporting documentation and more. Having said that, it is difficult to advise a student which universities they can apply without going through their overall profile.
Note: The following list of universities have been provided only for reference purposes. 
Here is a list of universities with a GRE score between 300 to 310:

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