Must Questions to Ask Consulting Firms

Must Questions to Ask Consulting Firms before You Join

Q: How many consultants does this company have on payroll?

Knowing the size of the company is important. It tells you how long they have been in business and their credibility. Look for an average size company, a one with at least 50 consultants on payroll is better. When we say payroll consultants we are talking about consultants who are currently working on project not considering the ones on training.

Q: Will the company provide room and board until you get on a project?

It is better to minimize your expenses till you find a job. So check with the company if they provide room and board. Apparently, most companies do!

Q: What is the company’s pay structure?

Many consulting firms initially start on salary based to its consultants until certain period, typically, one year. However, there are several companies out there that offer free training before placement and start off with percentage basis, likely, 80% (your share) /20% (consulting firm share). Always look for companies that offer this kind of percentage rate right from the first day. You are going to put so much effort into work, apparently, you need to get your fair share.

Q: Does the company hold certain amount on every paycheck and pay as a bonus on a later date?

If answer is Yes! Better negotiate, do not let consulting firm hold your money whatsoever. Just imagine, if they hold an amount for 3 months, you will be loosing all the interest you could get on that amount! Also, for any reason, if you like to switch firm, holding your money makes it hard for your transition.

 Q: Will the company take care of the H1B expenses?

It is legally required for a company to cover of H1B expenses. 

Q: Does the company pay for Health Insurance?

Company has to cover health insurance if you are working on salary. However, if you are on percentage basis, company is not obligated to pay for insurance.

Q: When the company is going to process my Green Card?

The sooner the better! We recommend that you start right away once your on H1B status.

Q: Can I contact the lawyer directly during green card process?

It is very important that you communicate directly with the lawyer during green card processing.

Q: Will the company cover Green Card expenses?

Again, if you are work on salary basis, they do! However, some companies do cover Labor costs even if you work percentage basis.


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