Top 4 Ways Working in the US Helps Advance Your Career?

The United States of America is regarded as one of the best countries to work in, among numerous international rankings. And there is a reason for that; apart from having a great standard of living, the country offers tremendous career advancement opportunities to individuals serious about professional growth.

Here are 4 ways working in the US can help you advance your career:


The power of networking is known worldwide, this is why a platform like LinkedIn has flourished. However, few work cultures in the world lay as much emphasis on networking as the United States. A given work environment in the US is very open and seamlessly integrated across the hierarchy. Therefore, you are much more likely to communicate with your superiors in the US. This communication allows for you to have a visible footprint in the company. And thus when the time for promotion comes, the managers know the deserving candidate from the onset. So, if you invest significant time in networking while working in the US, you are bound to receive the rewards.

Sharper interpersonal skills

Due to the open nature of an American workplace, as mentioned above, a lot of emphasis is placed on communication. This will allow you to increase your people skills and communicate more effectively, while also learning how to tackle real-world co-worker situations efficiently. The interpersonal skills you garner while working in the US will stay with you throughout your professional life and help you immensely in your career.

Career enhancement

Even if you don’t plan on working in the US for the rest of your life, the country offers great potential for career enhancement. For instance, international students participating in training programs and internships while in the US will have significant edge over their peers when applying for a job back home. This occurs for a simple reason: the employers prefer hiring someone who has experienced international workplaces. This is so because they have more to offer to their company than someone who has lived and worked in a static geographical setting.

Abundance of career opportunities

The US is home to one of the most entrepreneurial nations in the world. According to a January 2015 survey conducted by Gallup, the United States churns out approximately 400,000 businesses annually – a significant portion of which are startups. This means that the requirement for skilled human capital is a full-force phenomenon in the country. Also, such a diverse selection of companies means that you will be able to find a company you are truly comfortable working with. This will increase your productivity manifold.

Furthermore, the United States is home to 127 of the Fortune 500 Global companies – the highest concentration in the world. Therefore the opportunity for working with a Fortune 500 enterprise is very much there in the US with the promise for true career advancement.

In conclusion, the United States continues to provide thriving career opportunities to all those willing to take it. Career advancement is almost certain for hardworking individuals opting to work in the US.


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