Top 5 Advantages of studying at Top Universities in US

Studying in the US is a dream come true for many students around the globe because of the inherent advantages that such an experience entails. This is why educational institutions in the United States deal with more international college applicants than anywhere else. Here are the top 5 reasons that would explain such an interest of the international student community:

Provision of financial aid

One of the reasons why United States continues to be at the forefront of world education is that it focuses on attracting the best talent worldwide. Chances are that if you are student who has shown academic excellence then you are more than likely to be endowed with either a partial or full scholarship to study in the United States. In addition, financial support is also given to deserving individuals who don’t have the economic means to pursue education in a US institution. Further still, there are benevolent funds and private scholarships across the globe that support sending of underprivileged students to follow their higher education dreams in the United States.

Increased employability

It is no secret that a students having degrees from top universities in US is already punching above their weight among job applicants around the world. This is because employers prefer the well-rounded approach of the US educational system. Also, by being an international student there is an added tenacity to your profile because employers perceive your successful assimilation in an alien culture as the sign of a strong-willed and confident person.

Be a more rounded professional

American colleges are known for their hands-on approach towards teaching and research; rote-learning takes the back seat as you are allowed to practically witness the theory of a subject and test it out. Also the technical facilities, particularly laboratories, that are provided to the students at American institutes are a class above the rest and can truly be termed as the best in the world. This allows for the development of an individual who is well-versed in the most modern scientific techniques and is familiar with and/or involved in cutting-edge research that is respected worldwide.

Employment is potentially just a step away

Almost all top and mid-level companies recruit straight from universities in the United States. While elsewhere, the recruiting process is quite passive, in an American setting it can be highly aggressive. Companies actively pursue stellar graduates and may even compete to get their services. This ultimately translates to more viable job prospects and healthy wages.

Gain global work experience

Even if you don’t want to work contractually in the United States, you are provided with active opportunities to gain between 12 to 29 months of work experience in your field using either an Optional Practical Training (OPT) or a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program while on your student visa. This experience in industry-leading world of US businesses is a potential game-changer for individuals seeking a job internationally or in their respective home countries.

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