Top 5 Reasons Why International Students Prefer Study in USA

Studying abroad is the dream of many students around the world. The life experiences gained from an international degree help the student throughout their life. While in the past, the US was considered as the prime destination for studying abroad. However, in recent times countries like UK, Germany, China and Australia have captured a considerable share of international students due to their improved educational systems and reduced fees. 

Despite this, the United States is still thought of as the best study destination for international students. In 2014 academic year, there were 886,052 international students studying in the US universities. The number of foreign students studying in the US increased by 8% over the prior year and now it is at all time record high. Majority of these students want to pursue masters degree.  So, what makes US still the top destination for international students? Here are the 4 primary reasons that influence many international students to pursue their advanced study in USA:

Academic Diversity

Students are normally attracted to the breadth of opportunity. And in the US everything is diverse – from the plethora of universities to the educational variety on a campus. Students can chose from over 4,000 schools and unequivocally mold their future. They can double major, have a major with multiple minors, they can start pursuing their master’s degree while working on their undergraduate degree, etc. So, there is a lot of variability within the thousands of different universities, leading a student to find the exact field they are looking to go into without any problems or restrictions.

Flexibility of Courses

The US higher education system allows students to not only select the courses that best address their academic interest, but also gives them ample opportunity to explore what career path they would like to follow. Also, in the US system, students study at their own pace in the course they desire. They are never really pressurized into doing anything but rather are allowed to progress flexibly and at-will. Therefore, they can accomplish their academic dream in the truest sense. 

Great Scope for Research

If a student is looking for a research-based degree, then the United States would be a tailor-made educational destination for them. This is so because the US likes to maintain its status as the world leader in research output and therefore government or institutional grants are allocated for research-based activities. These grants help support the student’s personal needs via the aid of a viable stipend, while in the meantime waiving the tuition fee associated with the degree. This allows the students to forget about financial obligations and tackle the intellectual challenges head-on.

Professional Grooming

The atmosphere of creativity that is omnipresent in US educational institutions as well as encouragement for open thinking is one of the chief reasons for students to go to American universities. These universities not only impart quality education to individuals but also inspire students, through viable exercises and subliminal messages, to incorporate vision and entrepreneurial ideas into their professional life. So, in the US it isn’t just about learning what is there in the book, but to expand and build on those concepts yield a true professional who is going to tackle problems head-on.

In conclusion, the US is still the top destination for international students and is going to remain so, in the foreseeable future. The diversity in choices and the emphasis on experiential education are going to act as driving forces for students looking to study in USA.


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