Top 5 Strategies to Face Visa Interview Confidently

1. Reach out a friend

The foundation for a visa interview confidence is preparation. You will need to put in considerable time before you reap the success and that includes developing an action plan to help you face the visa interview confidently.

Start with reaching out a trusted friend who already went through the visa interview and is willing to help you with the interview process. Ask yourself which of your friends could help you practice all likely interview questions and offer a genuine feedback on how you can better improve. As a wise precaution, do not procrastinate rehearsing until the day before the interview as this would just heighten your nervousness.

Give yourself enough time to rehearse all sorts of interview questions you would expect to be asked. Remember, the more you prepare and rehearse, the more confident you feel about yourself on the day of the interview. 

2. Create a winning spirit

It’s easy to talk yourself into feeling, thinking or focusing on your negatives – Low test results, weak communication skills, and so on. Instead, talk back to yourself and challenge those negative thoughts robbing your time and energy. Focus on the bright side – Your key strengths and skills. 

Picture yourself as if you have aced the interview and your visa is approved! You will experience a strong sense of positive confidence emerging within you that in turn tremendously helps to reduce interview stress. Having a positive mindset builds confidence and trust within ourselves and helps one face the interview with great ease. 

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3. Prepare to face tough questions

When it comes to a visa interview, it is highly unpredictable and for sure, you need to be ready for anything. While there certainly will be several sorts of questions that will crop up at the interview, most of them can be handled easily. Questions that hang around potential pitfalls are always tough to answer – If you’ve had several backlogs, poor GRE or IELTS score, significant gap in academics, be prepared to defend them. Evidently, it is in your best interests to think through these tough questions and come up with realistic answers. Convincing a visa officer to approve visa is all about how you defend your past failures and highlight your past successes. 

4. Overcome Fear

Yes! There is no doubt that the visa interview can be stressful for many people, but don’t beat up yourself too much if you feel anxious before or during the interview. It’s quite normal. However, don’t let it over take you – It will snag you from doing your best.

Many students fall into trap believing that they are not smart enough or that they are not as good as their peers. Don’t harbour this misbelief or you will undermine your chances of success. Remember, the less you believe in yourself the less confident you will be during the interview. Clear your mind and focus on your strengths, you give yourself a great chance of success.

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5. Don’t give up until you succeed

Let’s say, you have already gone through the interview but you couldn’t get through? Don’t give up just yet! Step back and do an assessment. What could possibly go wrong? Revise the action plan, make any necessary changes and give it another try. Fear, doubt and negative thoughts try to stop you from trying it out again. Don’t give into that negative chatter but do anything it takes to drag yourself in the direction of your US dream. Know that you will be much stronger, more confident and better prepared this time and trust that the next attempt will work on your favor! Be a winner!


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