Top 5 Tips to Overcome Fear on the Day of the F1 Visa Interview

Obtaining a F1 visa is a requirement for pursuing your studies in the United States of America. For this reason, it may be a pivotal moment in the lives of many applicants. Therefore, nervousness and fear on the day of an visa interview is a no-brainer. But you should keep a control over your body language and force yourself to be calm – because often the approval of the F1 visa hinges on the persona of the individuals being interviewed. If a visa officer sees you shaky and jittery, they may not approve your application on grounds of plausible suspicion.

Here are five ways to maintain a calm demeanor during your F1 visa interview:

Come prepared

Without doubt, one of the chief ways in which you can beat the butterflies is to come fully prepared. Have all your documents with you, as well as adequate knowledge about probable interview questions. For instance, common interview questions focus around the educational institution you are accepted in. Visa officers may ask some in-depth questions in this category, and assess your seriousness to study based on them. Therefore prepare extensively for your interview and conduct mock sessions in front of a mirror to strengthen your interview routine.

Visualize a positive outcome

You are almost there! You have been accepted in the college of your choice and have all the funds in order. You have done the hard bit. Now you just have to spend a few minutes, not more than a couple minutes, if you are lucky, on an interview that would clear the final hurdle in your way. Just visualize the visa documents in your hand – never think about the possibility of rejection. You will notice that you are far more confidant in your approach if you have diverted your mind from negative thoughts.

Do not lie

This cannot be stressed enough. Never lie in your visa interview. Sometimes you indulge in a lie while in the moment but be aware that the visa officer might crosscheck your statement, if they have an adequate medium to do so. And that lie, if caught, is going to cost you the visa. Also, even lying about personal questions is harmful as visa officers are trained in the art of non-verbal communication and can pick a change in your body language while you lie. Consequently, they may prod you on the subject and you might lose composure, leading to reduced chances of the visa issuance.

Focus on your strengths

Your strengths are the best thing about you. Therefore focus on them during your interview. Perhaps, there is to come a point when the visa officer asks you about your strengths directly, or in a nuanced manner. This is your chance! Focus on it in length. You will see that you won’t experience any nervousness as you talk about your strengths. And hopefully your confident answer is going to overshadow any jittery moments your experienced initially.

Do a little exercise

Doing some light exercise before your visa appointment is highly recommended. Exercises, like jogging and walking, release endorphin into your body which is a natural anti-depressant. It can potentially play a pivotal role in calming your nerves. Also eat healthy to avoid gastric trouble. Furthermore, remember to avoid caffeine at all costs because it can make you jittery.

Bonus Tip
Smile as often as you can

Smile is a great way to exude confidence and is one of the best non-verbal weapon in your pocket for the visa interview. It also has an assuring effect on your mind and you will witness that you are much more confidant in your answers when you smile appropriately.

In conclusion, F1 visa is the final junction on your road to a US college, don’t mess it up by being nervous. You are in touching distance, get in control and fulfill your destiny.


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